Yoga en Casa / Todo lo que debe saber

Yoga at Home/Everything you need to know

You, the person who stays at home for the benefit of others. We know that this involves a roller coaster of emotions ... UnionYoga We want to thank you for your sacrifice for the entire current situation.

During this unprecedented time of social distancing, yogis around the world are creating ahome practice And for many of us, this is for the first time. Although the transition can be intimidating, practicing at home offers Benefits incredible. To havePrivacy can create a feeling of Liberty ; theLiberty to moveat your own pace, of adding or subtracting poses, and of accessing the intuitive teacher within. Be in a spacefamily from your home offers a feeling oftranquility and security, opening the door to a deeper state of connection and meditation .

More than ever, yogis are taking advantage of technologies, streaming classes and practicing yoga through guided videos. To help you create a perfect home experience, we want to offersome advices.



Having a designated space in your home to practice yoga is a true luxury. For many of us who live in smaller spaces, this is not necessarily an option. Whether you have an entire yoga room or not, you can still create a conscious and sacred space . Choose a place in your home that is best suited for taking a yoga class andcommit yourself to always practice there. Over time, by practicing in that same space,the Energy from that room will rise and it will organically help facilitate your presence.

Have a box or trunk in your yoga space l have candles, essential oils, crystals, incense, ... Considercreate a altar, whether simple or extravagant, altars are a form ofconcentrate your energy .  Altars can consist of images of loved ones, rocks, plants, or anything that makes youfeel happy. Practice on your altar, use it as your focal point and letevolve towards your own little yoga studio.



One of the challenges of practicing at home is creating thedistinction between your to-do list, work life and responsibilities, from your designated time to be on your mat.  When practicing in a studio, there is anatural ritualfrom traveling downtown, entering the building, finding her favorite spot, and then laying out her mat and accessories.  These simple repeated actions send signals to your brain to prepare for practice.

When practicing yoga at home, create a ritual of5 to 10 minutes before class begins. This will help you forget about your "to-do list" and help youActivate its "yoga mode". These rituals can be as unique as you are.

Here are some suggestions to try:

- Walk 5 minutes away from home

- Play your favorite song and dance around the room

- Intentionally preparing your yoga space

- Drink a glass of water

- Sit on your mat and breathe for 5 minutes.



When practicing asanas in isolation, focus on the feel of each pose and the inner experience. Listen carefully to the video and use your connectionmind-body to translate the instructions into shapes with your body. Resist the urge to look at the screen for the whole class. The video is there as a tool to provide a visual aid when needed.Avoid using the video image as the only way to follow the movements.

Yoga is not a practice of imitation, but a practice of exploring the self.


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