Why should you have your own mat?

One of the distinctive aspects of yoga is its versatility. You can practice yoga however you want and where you want.

It is true that the most common is to attend a class, dressed in comfortable clothes where a teacher will give you a class for 50 min.

But this situation does not have to be the norm. Practicing yoga can easily be done outside of class just as effectively, and even more so in these times.

Taking a few minutes in the morning before going to work and doing a short sequence of poses will help you start the day much more oxygenated, relaxed and in a good mood.

You can also use the lunch schedule and mobilize the body a bit. You do not have to do very complicated postures or take 2 hours, with some greetings to the sun it can be enough.


The only item you really need to practice yoga it's your mat. Your practice can happen wherever and whenever you want. All you need is a Mat to ensure your experience is comfortable, stable, and rewarding.

But if your yoga practice is done in a studio, it is worth having your own Matt?

When practicing, one of the basic premises is to feel comfortable. Community Mat, and by this I mean the mats used by several people on the same day,, They are not very hygienic, they tend to smell and are broken and do not have the grip and cushioning that we need.

The gym mats that many people use for their yoga, more of the same but instead of losing hygiene due to the use of others, it loses it due to its toxic materials. Apart from not being specialized in yoga, their benefits cannot make you grow and enjoy your yoga.

Think about the following, if you run regularly, you will wear someone else's shoes? ¿Would you wear a climbing shoe? Most likely not.


That is why we share this blog with you:

And we give you 6 reasons to have your own yoga mat.

1 Your personal sanctuaryl

Help build a strong bond with your practice. The simple act of stretching the Mat, stepping on it, standing in tadasana, and taking a couple of deep breaths is the boost you need to start the practice. We develop a special connection with ourselves and our practice by having something that is just for yoga. By entering that positive energy, the Mat represents a true commitment to ourselves and well-being.

2 Always with youo

You can take your Mat wherever you want. At home, on the plane, in the park, hotel room, on the beach, in the study. Having your own Mat gives you the opportunity to practice whenever and wherever you want.

3 Cleaninga

We move, we sweat, we laugh, we cry in our Mat. Everything is part of our practice. Therefore, it is comforting to know when you curl up in the child's position, with your forehead on the mat, you are connecting with yourself. Your efforts, your energy and your smell.

4 Comfortd

Some people prefer thin Mat, others thick, with bright colors, neutral colors, or have dry hands or wet hands, they prefer them longer and wider, light, transportable or heavy. The preference and choice is up to each one.

The UNIONYOGA Mat, Nature PRO is distinguished by its material, 100% natural cork and its great grip combined with sweat. Without leaving aside the people who do not sweat much, always with good cushioning, measurements, stability and its origin and manufacture (unique in the world).

5 Energya

Once you have your own, your attitude towards the practice will definitely change.

Your Mat will become the most important element for your practice and with each class you do, you will generate more positive energy. Energy plays a very important role in the practice of yoga, keep yours within your own Mat.

6 Self-discovery and empowerment..

Having your own Mat will allow you to have a practice in your home. Yoga helps you find satya (truth) through the process of self-inquiry and discipline. If you practice at home, you will have the freedom to choose what pose to do based on what you need that day. It offers you the possibility to make your practice more instinctive, without the limitation of a set agenda.


But ... what makes me choose Nature PRO?

They are ecological: they are made of natural cork, a renewable and sustainable resource. This means that they do not contain PVC, synthetic rubber, or the famous rubber, which is very artificial and synthetic most of the time.

Those moments in class when your heart beats strong and your hands are sweating, is where the 100% natural cork from Portugal helps your hands and feet stay firm, safe and comfortable.

They are durable! When you know that your mat will last you, supporting you through daily practice, you will know that you have made the right investment.

UnionYoga seeks the end of synthetic mats together with its clients, you get on the "cork"?

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