Modalidades más conocidas del yoga

Most popular yoga modalities


We are going to summarize the modalities, in all of them our mat unfolds with its maximum commitment, grip and PURE NATURE


There are nine branches of yoga, and within these different styles, that favor or focus on different points. These are some of the best known or practiced styles:


  • Hatha: Known as the yoga of force, hatha is one of the branches that, as the term ha (sun) - tha (moon) indicates, seeks the balance between influences, allowing to achieve through effort when practicing theasanas, good physical conditions. It is ideal for beginners, who can follow an amazing evolution within this type of yoga, the most practiced in the West. Your classes can be more or less dynamic.
  • Iygengar: A practice that starts from a very precise vision of each position, in which each small part of the body has its role. Instruments such as belts or foam or wood blocks are normally used to help mark these postures and fine-tune their alignment.
  • Bikram: ‘Hot yoga '. It is a type of yoga with many fans and also many detractors, since it is performed at more than 36º C. This entails the elimination of toxins through sweat and the consequent loss of weight, but it can also cause low blood pressure and dizziness. Not everyone can practice this type of yoga, made up of twenty-four poses.
  • Kundalini: It is a more spiritual style, in which meditation during practice is very important, as well as breathing exercises and the search for awareness.
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa: Energetic practice in which movements are combined with breathing, giving rise to small fluid circuits with movements that help to achieve a lean and toned body.

Hopefully it has served you something or you have learned, and if you already knew, we hope we have refreshed you a bit if something was "expired" :)

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