Hatha Yoga, práctica holística por naturaleza

Hatha Yoga, holistic practice by nature


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It does not have much to do with our mat .. or yes, at the end of the blog we will tell you.

Hatha Yoga is a yogic modality that seeks to dominate the mind through control over the body.

They are techniques for the improvement of the body and its functions, psychosomatic control, the affirmation of the will, introspection and the harmonization of the planes that make up the human being.

On the one hand it is a source of vigor but also a way to pacify the emotions and calm the mind, that is why Hatha Yoga requires that the performance of the asanas be slow and very attentive and that said asana or posture be maintained statically for a while.

All this to be able to raise awareness of the body and introvert the mind.

 Excerpts from Ramiro A. Calle / Hatha Yoga y control


If you are thinking of getting started in Hatha Yoga there are two asanas that you should learn first:

1. The Salute to the Sun (Surya Namaskar): consists of 12 movements that reproduce 7asanas. Therefore, the first ones are repeated, but in reverse order. Each posture is associated with a mantra, a breathing phase and achakra on which it acts.

Its purpose is to stretch and increase the flexibility of the body, to warm up before a Yoga session, or to constitute the session itself.

two. Salute to the Moon (Chandra Namaskar): used to relax. The poses are connected to each other, so that the end of one is the beginning of the next.

In Hatha Yoga, all the asanas are practiced slowly and it is not essential to make them perfect.


Regarding the benefits of practicing Hatha Yoga, the following stand out:

  • Stress reduction, release and management.
  • Increased flexibility, toning and muscle strength.
  • By increasing muscle strength, it improves protection against possible diseases, such as osteoporosis or osteoarthritis.
  • The joints are strengthened.
  • The heart is strengthened.
  • The body oxygenates better.
  • Improved body posture and lung capacity.
  • Increase mental clarity.
  • It can help regulate the endocrine system.
  • If practiced in the morning, it energizes people for the rest of the day.
  • Its practice at night helps to relax before going to bed and to rest better.
  • One of the branches of Hatha Yoga is therapeutic yoga, where postures are performed to improve health. There are postures to correct scoliosis or to relieve sciatica, for example.


¿All this that is related to our mat?

  • The Nature PRO will give you stability in each Hatha Yoga posture, a modality which requires a lot of control of the postures.
  • The cork of the mat and its freedom of movement, although with good grip, will be your best friend for Hatha classes, as well as connecting you with nature like no other mat.

Namaste Yogi

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