El PVC está dañando tu Yoga.. Y el ecosistema

PVC is damaging your Yoga .. And the ecosystem

How PVC is damaging your yoga ... and our ecosystem

We all know the incredible benefits of yoga practice: achieving a feeling of well-being, greater flexibility and better breathing, more energy and vitality, and stress management through mental clarity.

But there is something you probably don't know that may be fighting the benefits you think you are getting. Something that accompanies you in each practice: PVC.

So what is PVCC?

We promise this will not be a serious chemistry lesson as we develop the table of elements. This article is dedicated to you, the Yogi who wants to buy responsibly but does not know how or what to look for.

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is used in many products because it is durable and easy to clean. It starts out as a white powder turned into a hard material or a flexible textile cloth. It also has weather resistance qualities, which is why you can find it in coats, ski gear, and artificial fur. Now before you think, "hey, it doesn't sound so bad," let us remind you that it's loaded with toxins.

¿Why PVC is not an ally in your yoga?

Although most yoga mats are made with PVC because it is inexpensive and effective, it is also extremely toxic. The flexibility of these mats is due to phthalates, a chemical suspected of being carcinogenic by the US EPA.

So what can you get out of contact with PVC and phthalates?s?

- Hormonal disruption

- Development and reproduction problems

- asthma

- Premature birth

- Decreased sperm count.

- Early puberty

- Risk of certain cancers.

Think about that the next time you are in the cobra pose thinking that you are navigating towards zen. Oh!!

Environmental complications:

The environmental concerns about PVC are real. This material is toxic during all stages of its life cycle because it emits many chemicals into the atmosphere that humans, nature and animals inhale.

Worst of all, PVC cannot be recycled. If you dumped this in the recycling bin, you risk contaminating the entire contents. So what happens when you want to get rid of your old carpet? You have to incinerate it, which releases dioxin, a chemical that causes cancer. Let's face it, PVC is just bad news!ia!

The solution:

Yoga is all about good energy, in your body, mind, and the ecosystem in which you practice. What you give to nature, it gives back to you. That is why we use cork from the Mediterranean. When the bark is removed for our mats, it is rejuvenated and produces healthier air for our atmosphere. That is a great lesson in caring for nature.

When it comes to making health and wellness changes for you and the ecosystem, ditch PVC. Instead, try Nature PRO made from natural cork. Designed to be versatile, light, pleasant and slip resistant, there is no excuse to join the cork.

Make the change for yourself, make the change for our Earth.

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