Deshazte de la toalla

Ditch the towel


Yes, we had also experienced the frustration of leaving you in the towel and thinking "pff, what an uncomfortable practice awaits me ...".

Or also experiment that with the supposed towels not to slip, even slip more ...

The Nature PRO is a mat that fulfills the function and improvement of a towel.

By giving more grip, the more sweating / demand you have, reducing injuries and insecurities on your mat.

The materials , its manufacturing and the grip to the ground they are ideal but above all also the anti-slip for people who don't sweat so much.

With the Nature PRO under your hands and feet, forget about the towel forever, the Nature PRO will do all its "chore" and more.

When customers tell us that it clings like a limpet, they are not wrong: D

We leave you the product below in case you like it, you want to take it and connect with the cork and nature in your hands as soon as possible, and if not, we hope you liked the mini article and stop using the yoga towels, which they are a roll, right?

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